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How it started

Our Story OneTakeVegas was born from a love of exploration and a passion for the City of Lights. Our founder, an avid traveler and Las Vegas local, discovered there was so much more to Vegas than what met the eye. The pulsating energy of the city, its hidden trails, and gastronomic wonders were often overshadowed by the bright lights of the casinos and nightclubs.While scrolling through an endless stream of identical Vegas snaps on social media one day, it hit them - why not craft an experience that truly represents the heart of Vegas and doubles as a content creation journey for the trendy, Instagram-era traveler?

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Thus, OneTakeVegas was born - a bridge between the unseen Vegas and the world, offering a fresh perspective to explorers and content creators alike. The goal was simple yet bold: to take people off the beaten track, let them taste the authentic local cuisine, discover secret photogenic hotspots, and let them tell the real story of Vegas, one Instagram post at a time. Today, OneTakeVegas is an ode to the hidden narratives of Las Vegas and a celebration of its unique culture and cuisine, enjoyed by globetrotters and locals alike. It’s more than just a tour; it’s a social media storytelling adventure, designed to give you an authentic, unforgettable, and utterly 'grammable Vegas experience. That's the OneTakeVegas way!

A Luxurious Detour in Las Vegas

At OneTakeVegas, we redefine the art of exploration by offering you an opulent journey into Las Vegas's hidden treasures. Venture beyond the radiant neon lights and step into a realm of unseen elegance and grandeur, encapsulating the essence of the city's rich heritage and sophisticated palate. Off the beaten path, we lead you through a world of undiscovered luxe - curated experiences at charming local establishments, tastings of exquisite cuisine, and glimpses into high-end art and culture. Each tour is an intimate soiree into the soul of Vegas, wrapped in exclusivity and refinement. Photographically, the possibilities are limitless and splendidly luxurious. Frame the mesmerizing hues of a historic landmark, capture the intricacy of an artisanal dish, or snap the captivating murals that adorn the city's urban canvas. These images aren't your regular Vegas posts; they narrate an elevated tale of the city's charm and sophistication. With OneTakeVegas, 'off the beaten path' transforms into a lavish journey filled with exceptional experiences and photographic opulence. Join us, and let's embark on this unforgettable, upscale exploration of Las Vegas

Proud Partners

In our pursuit of crafting unforgettable Las Vegas experiences, we're thrilled to partner with an organization that shares our dedication and passion for unique tours - Comedy on Deck Tours. Comedy on Deck Tours has reimagined the traditional tour experience by adding a delightful and entertaining twist - comedy. Their innovative approach perfectly marries education with entertainment, ensuring every moment is filled with laughter and learning. From the scenic wonders of the Grand Canyon to the iconic Hoover Dam, they bring each destination to life with their distinctive charm and wit. Just like OneTakeVegas, Comedy on Deck Tours believes in providing more than a tour; they aim to deliver a memorable experience that sticks with you long after you've returned home. Their commitment to top-notch service, fun-filled tours, and ensuring guests have the time of their lives aligns seamlessly with our values. We admire their creativity and love their zest for making every tour an unforgettable journey. Partnering with them allows us to enhance the OneTakeVegas experience, adding another layer of enjoyment to our off-the-beaten-path adventures. Here's a charming shout-out to our friends at Comedy on Deck Tours - for making travel a laughter-filled, enriching, and truly remarkable affair. We're excited for the amazing Vegas stories we'll continue to create together!
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